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Administration Panel

Add extra features and functionalitly to your MyBB Administration Control Panel.   Each of the downloads in this section were made for an older version of MyBB. For downloads for MyBB 1.6, please see the appropriate modifications & plugins, themes and graphics sections accordingly.

Available Downloads

List of downloads in this category

Name Author Downloads
Additional User Settings
Additional administrative settings for each user to disable various features on a per-user basis
Dennis Tsang 2501
Admin Password
Set a password all administrators must enter before entering ACP
User 1428 884
Custom ACP Links
Easily add links that open INSIDE your ACP
User 1428 727
Custom Pages
Create your own custom pages from the ACP
User 1428 4078
Easy Adv. Banner 3.0
An Easy, efficient and complete banners manager allows you to display different banners, and view info about them.
zaher1988 3305
IPLog Plugin
Logs a members IP every time they login.
MrD. 1397
myCode Tester
Test your myCode in your ACP
User 1428 473
Private Message Admin (designed for 1.2)
Private Message Admin is a powerful tool that can be used for viewing your boards Private Messages
Aaron 7735
Send Email 1.0
Sending email to admin when user request register
vahid_hashemi 1104
Send Mail to Inactive Users
Allows you to send mass mails to users that is inactive on forum between the time interval specified by you.
DragonFever 239
Spam Central
Deal with spam in an easy way!
User 1428 1681
Who Voted
Allows admins to view who voted in all polls including non-public ones.
Christian 2003