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Files which don't really fit in any of the other categories.   Each of the downloads in this section were made for an older version of MyBB. For downloads for MyBB 1.6, please see the appropriate modifications & plugins, themes and graphics sections accordingly.

Available Downloads

List of downloads in this category

Name Author Downloads
Advanced Navigation Bar 2.0
Adds A navigation bar below the welcome panel
zaher1988 651
Advanced User CP Home
This will add several details and options to the main user cp home
zaher1988 194
Contact Us page using a form.
zaher1988 118
Extended Forum Rules v1.0.0
Displays the forum rules when viewing threads, posting new reply, and posting new thread.
Dennis Tsang 94
Extra Statistics
Adds more statistics to the Stas page
zaher1988 71
Fastest Avatar Caption
Adds a Caption below the avatar.
zaher1988 73
GZip Compression Stats v1.0.1
Extra settings for GZip compression and for viewing compressions statistics.
Dennis Tsang 39
Permissions box
Will add a little permissions box
zaher1988 93
Recover Lost Admin
Have you removed your permissions to access Admin CP?
zaher1988 109
Reply By Email
Allows users to reply by email
decswxaqz 190
Show Unanswered Threads
It will display all unanswered threads
zaher1988 77