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Wordpress Bridge

Use your Wordpress theme on your MyBB forum

Author: zingiri
Submitted: 19th November 2012
Last Updated: 19th May 2013
The Wordpress Bridge connects your MyBB forum and your Wordpress site. It wraps your MyBB forum with the theme you are using on your Wordpress site providing a seamless experience to your website visitors.

1) To install place the file wordpress_bridge.php as well as the folder wordpress_bridge and it's content in your MyBB inc/plugins folder.

2) Login to the administration panel of MyBB and go to Configuration > Plugins and activate the Wordpress Bridge plugin.

3) In Wordpress, create a new page with title [BRIDGE-TITLE] and content [BRIDGE]. Remember the URL of that page.

4) Go to Configuration > Settings > Wordpress Bridge. In the field 'Wordpress bridge page URL', fill in the URL of the Wordpress page created in step (3). Enable the bridge.