Report Spammer

MyBB plugin to detect and report spammers using

Author: dandv
Submitted: 27th July 2011
Last Updated: 6th August 2011
This plugin detects and reports spammers using web sites and services like and

The plugin is aimed at moderators who suspect a user may be spamming. The plugin will add a panel to the "Edit this user in Mod CP" page, with information from on the user's username, e-mail, and IP addresses used. It will also do a reverse IP lookup and get the user's hostname, ISP and organization from Since many spammers use server farms for bot accounts, ISPs that have "server" in their name (e.g. will be flagged. Based on this information, plus other information from the user's profile and posts (if any), a moderator can make a decision as to whether the user is a spammer or not.

Please submit issues at the plugin's page on GitHub:

For help, go to:
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