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Moderator Permissions

A basic plugin to give greater control over what your Moderators can do.

Author: Tomm M
Submitted: 19th December 2008
Last Updated: 10th May 2009
This plugin provides better control over your forum Moderators (not Super/Global Moderators or Administrators) by limiting the following:

- Managing Announcements
- Using the Profile Editor
- Banning Users
- Viewing Warning Logs
- Using IP search

There is a bug in the previous release where it could be possible for a user to access the restricted areas of the ModCP. If you're using the previous version (1.0) then please remove it, and use this one instead.

For a full list of changes, please see the Change Log

For support, please post in the Release Support Section on the MyBB Forum -

Installation instructions:
1. Download and extract the zip archive
2. Upload the "inc" folder to your MyBB directory
3. Log in to your ACP, and activate the plugin
4. Go to ACP => Users & Groups => Edit Profile & Settings of a Moderator => Account Settings, and the new options appear near the bottom of the page
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