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A holiday theme with light brown and creamy colors for those warm winter days, and reds like ornaments on trees.

Author: Vocaloid
Submitted: 1st December 2010
Last Updated: 1st December 2010
This is my first (released) MyBB Theme. It's actually a result of another project I started while in the middle of another. I don't expect many people to think highly of it, as I know it must have noobish qualities about it. But hey- I am colorblind (no joke!). This is a side-project, please don't base my abilities as a theme designer on this, it's simply a start!

Supported Browsers
This theme uses light CSS3, and is therefore best viewed in Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and IE9. If you don't have any of the above, than get a real browser ;) I also used slight Javascript for the toplinks.

Dramatic Description
It's rounded corners give about a gingerbread essence, and it's hot chocolate icons to the left of the forums suggest a warm Christmas by the tree. The cream colors are that of the eggnog you can just imagine someone else by the tree drinking, and the reds of the ornaments, and presents. I tried to capture the basic Christmas colors for this theme.
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