Files which don't really fit in any of the other categories.   Each of the downloads in this section were made for an older version of MyBB. For downloads for the current version of MyBB (), please see the appropriate modifications & plugins, themes and graphics sections accordingly.

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Google SEO Legacy
Google Search Engine Optimization for old MyBB 1.4 / 1.6.3
frostschutz 624
The plugin htmlruleshead offers us all an opportunity to enter the heads of rules of custom forum forum through simple html file.
Asterix 146
Hsaf - Hide Signature and Avatar in specific forum
The plugin allows you to hide the signature and avatar in the thread in specific forum
Asterix 129
IE6 No More
Adds a banner to the top of your forum (for IE6 users only) recommending them to switch browsers.
Zash 521
Image signature Limit
This plugin allows you to set a maximum limit (height and width) for images in signature.
Kimi 1246
imei Anti URL Cache
Adds a random string to links of a forum, so cache servers won't cache your site's content for users using same ISP
imei 331
imei Jalali Date
Jalali Date System ( Hijri Shamsi )
imei 2449
imei Page Optimizer
Save your and your users' bandwith by deleting garbage HTML codes.
imei 1686
Inactive Account Janitor
Cleans up inactive accounts at defined intervals
sayakb 548
You can view the forum's name and the forum's description in forumdisplay and in showthread
ketto93 234
Display flag on any shown ip-address
Idoenk 784
This plugin adds notifications via jabber to mybb
neverendingo 288
MyBB Security Plugin
0Derece 1506
Last Posts
Show last froum posts
Hamed 2473
Last Threads, Posts and Popular Threads on UserCP
Shows your last X Threads, Posts and your Popular Threads on usercp home.
DragonFever 1627